n795288609_971287_9514The band was born in 2004, in Rome – Italy, around vocalist and guitar player Marco and drummer Fausto, two animators of the punk’n’roll scene of Rome between the 80′s and the 90′s.

The band was also joined by Alessandro, young and eclectic guitar player from Alghero, and the band decided to remain a trio without bass guitar.Marco was the leader of the “Overlord”, band which realized a few appreciated records and a lot of live shows in Italy and abroad. Fausto was the drummer of the “Manimal”, an hardcore band known for the wild and rough live performances.

Musically the Boomers show necessarily traces of the punk and rock’n’roll experience of the founder members but the band is also influenced by all the alternative U.S. rock of the last 20 years. In a few words it’s a fast, energetic, visceral and powerful music.


> Marco Marraccini: Chitarra/Voce

> Alessandro Peana: Chitarra

> Fausto Delfini: Batteria

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Massimiliano Franchi

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